About Us

Oil Creek Plastics has been an industry leader in the small diameter pipe and tubing market since incorporating in 1972. Since that time our company has been at the forefront of innovations for the manufacturing of polyethylene products. From being the first company to internally pressurize and seal our product to installing the most state of the art continuous measuring devices, we have taken something as simple as polyethylene pipe and continued to improve it in many ways. All of the improvements adopted by Oil Creek Plastics have been undertaken to achieve a fundamental goal that is at the heart of our company’s mission. To supply our customers with the highest quality product that will provide a lifetime of uninterrupted service and peace of mind, and to provide this superior product at a competitive price. But there is more to a company than the products they make. Our company makes the best product on the market, but what makes our company the best are the individuals that provide you with the superior products and service that have come to define Oil Creek Plastics over the years. Whether you are a customer or a vendor, buying one coil or 50 million feet, you can expect the quality, service, and integrity that we feel are owed to all who chose to use the best.